10 Best Drupal Sites

Drupal is a open source content management system which is available for free.Originally Drupal was written by Dries Buytaert as a message board, Drupal became an open source project in least 1.5% of total website in the world run on Drupal CMS.Drupal is written in PHP/MySQL and is distributed under GNU General Public License.Current running version of Drupal is 7.2 and can be downloaded free from .There are a lot of free available themes and modules which enhance the capability of CMS.

In this article I have collected a list of 10 best drupal sites.These drupal sites are better than others in many ways like design,structure and the level of and checkout the list of best drupal sites below:

Warner Bros is a popular US site of Warner Bros is designed on Drupal.Homepage looks very cool with a slideshow playing a tracks from recent album of Warner Bros site is running a online merchant store also where you can purchase new music albums.Overall a great Drupal website.

New York OBserver’s online portal is another great website designed on Drupal site provides latest hot news about politics, sports, Hollywood, technology and many site has a very big database of news and other interesting information.Design of the website is just like other famous online news websites.

Fast Company is the world’s leading progressive business media brand.Articles in the fastcompany written for, by, and about the most progressive business provides its users a motivation to think about business of future.A number of articles there are written by business leaders.

PopSci is a technology site built on Drupal site provides latest technology news and information about new Gadgets autos and other hacks and tricks available for new was started in 1999 and redesigned in it runs on Drupal.

Amnesty International is an organization which works for human organization has more than 3 million supporters, members and activists in more than 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights.Website of their organization is built in Drupal and has a very clean design.Homepage includes a slideshow and recent news about their activities.

Another example of good Drupal based site is is a podcast network run by technology broadcaster and author Leo Laporte. The network began operation in April 2005 with the launch of This Week in Tech.Currently the network hosts nineteen podcast and several live streaming shows covering various topics including the internet, computer security, Microsoft, Apple, food and current technology news.

Pop Sugar is one of the big and best website designed in drupal.Popsugar has more than 20 million monthly unique was established in 2006 and since than it is providing insanely addictive content, unmatched shopping experiences and a robust social community.

MTV is a famous TV channel which is running in many based MTV’s website is running on site contains videos of shows broadcasted on MTV site contains news,video and photo galleries of the shows that runs on channel.

Nissan is a world famous automobile are running their Russian based website on drupal platform.Website shows description of a number of cars manufactured by is one of the best automobile website running on Drupal CMS.

Interesting And Visually Appealing Zen Cart Theme

Ecommerce sites are extremely popular with online audience around the world. One of the commonly used online store management system, Zen Cart is used extensively by web developers everywhere. It is PHP based and it makes use of MySQL database. One of the attractive features about this platform is the Zen Cart theme. The platform offers a wide range of innovative and interesting themes that can be utilized in developing visually appealing web applications. The themes are very useful in creating and designing websites as per the requirements and suggestions put forward by the clients.

Zen Cart is an excellent platform as it provides several features and aspects which are essential in developing interactive and user-friendly ecommerce applications. There are several benefits offered by Zen Cart which encourages many developers in using it. It allows the web developers to customize it according to the product specifications and configurations of the clients. The templates supported by Zen cart are very helpful in developing complex ecommerce sites within the stipulated time. Employing such pre-designed templates saves a lot of time as the developers need to make only the necessary modifications to suit the business requirements. Hiring professional and experienced Zen Cart developers can help with the installation, management, programming, and the maintenance.

Effective Zen Cart design implemented in the ecommerce sites enables the sites to stand out from the competition and draw the attention of the online audience. It can be used to develop shopping cart designs for small companies to large firms. Another advantage offered by Zen Cart is that it is scalable, and allows the addition of new modules easily. This suits the workability needs and requirements of the online businesses effortlessly. Maintaining product catalogues, categorization, category depths, and flexibility also enable the developers to create impressive online store websites. The ecommerce sites are also extremely easy to use and navigate.

The Zen Cart improves the overall quality of the ecommerce websites, thus enhancing the quantity and quality of the business sales. This can also help the business achieve its targets and goals. Due to the reliable Zen Cart integration, the online users can view the website easily and can navigate through the web pages easily. The ecommerce sites that use Zen Cart support multiple payment modes. Thus, the users have the flexibility of conducting online transactions using the payment mode that is convenient for them. Zen Cart also facilitates multiple languages and so the ecommerce sites are accessible to online users globally, thus expanding the client base for the online businesses.